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ackasi 😎 367 days ago

new blog post is out now!

ackasi 🌈 424 days ago

Birthday site update coming soon.

ackasi 🐱 445 days ago

pixel cats saturday. i haven't been feeling super hot

ackasi 🐱 454 days ago

I'm playing Pixel Cat's End, it's so cute, it's soooo cute :]

ackasi 🌈 455 days ago

Check out the new commissions tab on my site.

ackasi ✨ 460 days ago

Feeling a lot better, had a really nice day today. I've been waking up earlier and it feels awfully nice.

ackasi ❄️ 464 days ago

60mph winds today. It's really freezing out. I'm really sleepy, and I'm waiting for my sunshine to come home.

ackasi ❄️ 464 days ago

I've been sick because of meds. I got my assignment for the Blaseball Fan Mix Exchange. I have to give blood on Valentine's Day. Normal.