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aceinc 🎁 189 days ago

Christmas is the time for giving. Therefore this Christmas I will be giving away my mental health issues with no give receipt. Its yours now

aceinc 🧐 191 days ago

Learning about how people get caught is fun, just so i don't make the same mistakes you know 😂😂😂

aceinc 🙂 192 days ago

Sometimes, i dont like pink so i take out the bones of my ice cream

aceinc 🙂 202 days ago

Made some small changes and got a logo i actually like!

aceinc 🙂 203 days ago

spotify wrapped out now :)

aceinc 🙂 206 days ago

Sat here writing c# ngl

aceinc 💀 212 days ago

Yoinked a classroom :)

aceinc 🙂 214 days ago

im now making ideas for websites with zlata

aceinc 🥱 214 days ago

Finna bored

aceinc 💤 216 days ago

A-Levels be like zzzzzz I'm so sleepy lol

aceinc 🧐 217 days ago

Added the cbox feature so people can talk to each other :)

aceinc 🐶 217 days ago


aceinc 😎 217 days ago

Sometimes an apple convinces a doctor to come knocking at ur front door

aceinc 🙂 217 days ago

In Prgress. Its all in progress.