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abbenai 🤒 324 days ago

i feel moody and sick gwaaaaaa >:( at least a friend is bringing me donuts later

abbenai ☀️ 325 days ago

i love being bigender and bisexual. i have identity to the fourth power

abbenai 😶 326 days ago

spent all of today scooping algae from a lakeeee i had a good time but my boyfriend got heat stress

abbenai 🌧️ 332 days ago

i took skimble to his first vet appointment today and he did really well! i then napped for most of the day because it was POURING rain <3

abbenai 🌈 335 days ago

yayyy work went well! i caught a bit of an art lecture on my lunch break

abbenai 🥱 337 days ago

orientation day at my new job.. lots of boring powerpoints but at least the campus is pretty!

abbenai 😴 338 days ago

sleepy day with the family.. boyfriend got home from work this afternoon and conked out on the couch for like 5 hours. ive just been chillin

abbenai 🙃 338 days ago

ughhh i'm so indecisive about my layout.. here we go again

abbenai 🥳 339 days ago

updated my page layouts!! time to play with the cat with my familyyy

abbenai ✨ 340 days ago

i just got showered after an aquatic plant installation today! it was refreshing and it was fun to see friends ^_^ hot as hell outside tho

abbenai 🤩 341 days ago

making congee! WITH crispy chicken skin AND kailan

abbenai 💾 341 days ago

yayyyy first post! i am working on my webbed site and cuddling with the cat after being out all day helping my partner.