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hi i'm georgia. she/her, queer, nineties baby, bookworm, dpdr.
come live in the clouds with me ☁️


_georgia 📺 4 days ago

olivia colman gotta be one of the actresses of the century. so brilliant

_georgia 🎬 6 days ago

why does time go so fast. pls slow down

_georgia 🌧️ 9 days ago

if this rain could go away so i could get outside...

_georgia 🍸 13 days ago

reminder to go and grab some water! hydrate yourselves!! <3

_georgia 📺 14 days ago

finally succumbed to the pressure of watching fleabag and boy, it's good

_georgia 🍞 16 days ago

carbohydrates, my love

_georgia ☕️ 18 days ago

time to consume my bodyweight in choccy easter eggs

_georgia ☀️ 21 days ago

lazy sunshine days forever

_georgia ✏️ 23 days ago

might start bullet journaling again

_georgia ☕️ 24 days ago

spearmint tea > green tea

_georgia 📖 27 days ago

got a kobo today for on-the-go reading, it's so small and perfect

_georgia 🌱 31 days ago

climbed a ladder today, basically bob the builder

_georgia ☀️ 34 days ago

life is so nice sometimes

_georgia ✏️ 35 days ago

when you love stationery but hate ur handwriting??

_georgia 📺 36 days ago

just watched school of rock for the first time in 10+ years and wow they were right, the legend of the rent is way hardcore

_georgia 🍙 37 days ago

cows just be eating all day and honestly i get it