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My site isn't done yet, just setting this up early


8x4ol 🍺 92 days ago

my site is stressing me out so much i decided to drink :P

8x4ol 😎 104 days ago

got in a fight with someone and they turned it into the mental illness olympics. luckily i trained

8x4ol 🐱 105 days ago

Im on antipsychotics yayy

8x4ol 😭 296 days ago

started smoking again and i lost ALL interest in website making lol

8x4ol 😭 305 days ago

brakedown !!

8x4ol 😭 307 days ago

the power has been out all day, so my site is gonna be super duper ugly until i get to work on it again :(

8x4ol 💻 308 days ago

its been maybe two days and i am already trying to remake my entire neocities site lol

8x4ol 😛 309 days ago


8x4ol 😎 310 days ago

working on things again, having fun :)

8x4ol 🙂 310 days ago

learning to do a bunch of skills at once, hopefully i dont get burnout