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8ddiez 🥳 20 days ago

Added a blog page on my misc page yippe!!

8ddiez 💾 37 days ago

Gradually getting back into coding again yippeyayayyaey

8ddiez 🥹 83 days ago

UGSHDGHS I need to find time to code and draw more :-(

8ddiez ✏️ 99 days ago

AUGHSHDG.... Lowkey don't wanna go back to school....

8ddiez 🎨 104 days ago

Made an art gallery on my website teehee!!

8ddiez 💾 106 days ago

Hopefully I can get a lot of work done today !!!

8ddiez ✨ 111 days ago

Finally got the hang of contact lenses yippee!!

8ddiez 🎲 123 days ago

Putting on and taking off contact lenses.... what a day.....

8ddiez 🎶 124 days ago

Actually I take it back, I love going outside!! Life has meaning again !!!

8ddiez 🥺 124 days ago

Some days I just want to enjoy my time at home... why do I have to go out into the world....

8ddiez 📖 127 days ago

Ahhh I wanna finish my assignments so that I can drawwww...

8ddiez 📱 134 days ago

Aww yeah!! Coding in bootstrap, where have u been all my life *twirls*

8ddiez 🎨 146 days ago

Tbh I would actually love to get paid assisting people with their webcomics/webtoons. I feel like it'd help me learn better

8ddiez 🎶 146 days ago

Learning new stuff about choreography, hope to improve soon teehee

8ddiez 🫖 146 days ago

I love trying out new teas and adding to my tea collection 𖹭

8ddiez 🍫 155 days ago

I bought 3 brownies from the store and I already ate them all ack... they were too good... T T]

8ddiez 🥰 155 days ago

So excited for when I'll be able to decorate my space with pretty orchid flowers <33

8ddiez 😭 155 days ago

The urge to buy everything on my shopping wishlist is so strong omg

8ddiez 🎨 158 days ago

Yayyy!! I can finally draw again <333