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The stylings a mess but I rushed it so I can view this page easier lol. Anyway, hello! Feel free to check my site or something if you want


527bees 🌧️ 21 hours ago


527bees 🌧️ 1 day ago

My empathy + sympathy is weird as hell

527bees 🌧️ 2 days ago

Pain keeps randomly appearing and disappearing?

527bees 🌙 3 days ago

It's almost going to be break soon and that's all I have going for me right now

527bees 🌧️ 4 days ago

Why couldn't I have been born a natural quick-learner...

527bees 🌙 5 days ago

Not to quote Hamilton, but I feel like this quiet is for just a moment

527bees 🌧️ 6 days ago

Noooo I don't want to go to schoool not now not everrr

527bees 🌙 7 days ago

I don't mind existing right now, but I feel a sense of melancholy still

527bees 🌙 10 days ago

Chilling but only because I'm in denial about my exams coming up soon

527bees 💤 11 days ago

I'm so tired of school and it's only halfway through the school year...

527bees 🌧️ 11 days ago

aaaaAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUU I hate school so much!! Totally (not) unrelated: I think my knee joints are getting worse

527bees 🌙 13 days ago

Lately, it feels like my body is the one reacting and not my brain

527bees 🌧️ 14 days ago

I can't deal with classes and schooling............ at all.........

527bees 🌙 15 days ago

Finally trying to watch Mob Psycho 100. So far, Mob is my absolute favourite best little silly guy

527bees 🌙 16 days ago

Everything is normal. Everything is fine. I worry about nothing, because nothing's on my mind

527bees 💤 17 days ago

I'm so tired but I need to be productive or I'll lose my mind aughhh

527bees ☀️ 17 days ago

Today is hopefully going to be better! I'll just. ignore my homework for coding and pray that I can do all of it during the weekend

527bees 🌧️ 17 days ago

Currently, I feel like I'm about to reach the darkest hours in this chapter. So I'm pouring myself into work to avoid that