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I am something that probably exists depending on your definition of that word

ic: @mujimujidurama on Tumblr!


527bees 🌧️ 5 days ago

Do you think of me as often as I think of you?

527bees ☀️ 7 days ago

Get yourself a friend who makes you want to rip your insides out (/pos) every time you think of them

527bees 🌙 8 days ago

I wish I could like get swallowed up by a hole and then come back without anyone worrying about me at all

527bees 🌙 11 days ago

Oh to be the baby covered in peanut butter going a

527bees 🌙 12 days ago

"I'm not gay but I'd dedicate a love letter to you if it meant we could be together forever"

527bees 🌧️ 13 days ago

He's dead and yet he still managed to secretly be a terrible person!!

527bees 🌙 15 days ago

You make my struggles worth it and ilysm

527bees 🌧️ 20 days ago

My mind is torn into two

527bees 🌧️ 21 days ago

I wish I could like let others take control of my body ughh

527bees 🌧️ 25 days ago

*Picks up nearest guy in media* *Projects*

527bees 🌧️ 26 days ago

Honestly starting to see that guy's POV about all this. I, too, am willing to shoot up this place

527bees 🌙 26 days ago

The interest phase so strong, I have to hold myself back from screaming out loud

527bees 🌙 27 days ago

Plagued with ideas I can't possibly make at my skill level

527bees ☀️ 29 days ago

Seeing everyone's sites is so inspiring waagdhg

527bees 🌧️ 32 days ago

Rgrusuufye Being aroace means I don't understand allos at all somtimes!!

527bees 🌙 32 days ago

I am an utter clown. I spent two days trying to fix something and the problem was me writing 'display:flexbox' instead of 'display:flex'

527bees 🌙 33 days ago

My fav way to procrastinate is to scroll through random sites. Did you guys know PBS has an ancient part of their site dedicate to Napoleon?

527bees 🌙 34 days ago

You're incredible in court; you're succinct, persuasive

527bees 🌧️ 36 days ago

Oh, Josephine? She's a great kisser!

527bees 🌧️ 41 days ago

I love these potatoes so much

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