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2ain 🌧️ 7 days ago

the worst i've felt in a while

2ain 🌙 8 days ago

every time i make a shrine i feel like it just turns into a mini wikipedia page lol

2ain 💻 17 days ago

yay new guestbook! :D

2ain 💤 20 days ago

i need more stuffed animals, i can still see the surface of my bed 🧸

2ain 🌙 38 days ago

made the chatbox bigger and easier to type in, so leave some comments! :D

2ain 💻 39 days ago

new homepage layout! looks pretty decent on mobile too

2ain 🎮 52 days ago

wuthering waves combat is pretty good 👍 enjoying exploration while listening to lo-fi

2ain 😭 56 days ago

i want dawntrail to release already so i can play pictomancer

2ain 🌧️ 79 days ago

i like waking up to a thunderstorm. especially when the rain and thunder are soft, like a calm storm.

2ain ☀️ 89 days ago

my lain iwakura bear kigurumi arrived! 🐻🧸

2ain 💻 331 days ago

been binge watching bleach & it's so good!!

2ain 🌱 337 days ago

palia is such a vibe game, so cozy

2ain 🎮 340 days ago

i have acquired the kafka and her light cone :3

2ain 🐱 346 days ago

ffxiv fat cat slippers?? shut up and take my money!!

2ain 📺 349 days ago

watching s3 of the witcher :3

2ain 🧋 351 days ago

thinking about binggrae banana milk

2ain 🎮 353 days ago

the new ffxiv expansion trailer looked so cool omg

2ain 🐱 356 days ago

my cat constantly wants uppies then runs away when you put him down he is a literal child

2ain 🎮 358 days ago

got 5star fritia and her weapon and my dad said "fuck you" lmao