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anime background of field being rained on rolling girl miku gif


24081 🤒 18 days ago

got traditional guasha scraping yesterday. bruises all over, looks like i got jumped

24081 🍕 26 days ago

had goose eggs for the first time. the taste is strong, but similar to chicken eggs. it pairs well with indomie

24081 🤖 28 days ago

time for a full computer reset

24081 🤒 32 days ago

neocities is still acting up

24081 🎱 36 days ago

first status was 88 days ago. 8 is a lucky number!

24081 🎤 37 days ago

superpowers ranking: 1. stop time/time manipulation 2. shapeshifting 3. on demand adrenaline supply

24081 🤒 41 days ago

replacing the guestbook is difficult work

24081 🌧️ 46 days ago

still have to wait for grades calculation, still have to attend awards ceremony, still have to repeat it all next year

24081 🍾 50 days ago

115 unique viewers on the site counter, thats awesome

24081 🤐 51 days ago

need to remember that fixating on code is also bad. gotta attend to my real life

24081 🔥 51 days ago

css :hover changing my life everyday

24081 🍿 51 days ago

apparently my weak constitution is due to dietary issues? need to do something about this

24081 💻 55 days ago

css-ed my status

24081 💀 55 days ago

was thinking of dropping this but heard that 123guestbook is shutting down. will be updating out of spite

24081 💻 66 days ago

exams over, back to normal coding

24081 🤖 81 days ago

big exam tmr. ready to wreck my GPA.

24081 💤 94 days ago

gonna have slower updates, want to take my time w pages

24081 🥱 98 days ago

back to school once again

24081 🤖 103 days ago

10hr avg screen time things are not looking good

24081 😶 106 days ago

making my own layout is harder than i expected. my fault for not keeping up with practice beforehand i suppose.

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