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117 💀 84 days ago

I started reading House of Leaves, this is the first book I'm reading in a very long time.

117 💀 95 days ago

The sun going down so early is hard to get used to every year, I miss sunlight.

117 💀 111 days ago

yeah I changed the design of my website again.

117 💀 112 days ago

I want to change the design of my main website again. I already feel like I could make something cooler looking. Help.

117 💀 141 days ago

I have a blue sky account now, I guess that makes me one of the cool kids, right?

117 💀 147 days ago

I've been procrastinating coding my about page for weeks now, and it shouldn't even be all that complex. Ough.

117 💀 176 days ago

In my 'not coding my website exclusively in the neocities text editor' era.

117 💀 177 days ago

Going to christen this account with my current feeling; looking forward to the fall weather! Also I'm tired.