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alias: zwerg

pronomen: he/him, er/ihm

sprachen: en, de

standort: the Cool Zone

beruf: wissenschaft

God, am I lonely.
— Herbert Marcuse


zwerg 🙃 2 days ago

if it wasn't joever before, it is now

zwerg 🎷 6 days ago

everyone should have an instrument to be mediocre at. it's good for you

zwerg 👽 8 days ago

i wish "they" really were making us live in pods and eat bugs 'cause i'd thrive in that setting

zwerg 😴 14 days ago

had a dream that to stay relevant taylor swift came out as a lesbian and converted to islam

zwerg 😶 22 days ago

yeah, sure, i'll try your Open-Source YouTube Alternative. what do you have on there? insane videos by nazis? cool... got anything else? no?

zwerg ☀️ 26 days ago

making sizzling noises the second i step out in the sun

zwerg 🍣 37 days ago

ate fish again after ten years vegetarian, punished with diarrhea

zwerg 🌈 44 days ago

entering Gay Dotage this pride month (too old to be a twink anymore)

zwerg 🍞 46 days ago

kneading dough is fun and easy, but everyone tries to get out of it like it's some big pain in the ass

zwerg 👀 61 days ago

always thought hi-chews were medicinal for some reason, only now finding out that they're actually gum you can eat

zwerg 😎 69 days ago

love living in a world where everything is cool and only gonna get cooler

zwerg 📚 83 days ago

melville's prose is like if dickens was actually as clever as he believed himself to be

zwerg 💀 96 days ago

there are some windows me compusa promotional watches on ebay and i want one but there's no way those batteries haven't corroded inside them

zwerg 📺 103 days ago

love looking through simpsons screencap accounts on instagram for all the people commenting classic lines in different languages. universal.

zwerg 🥳 106 days ago

it's my cute boyfriend's birthday. everyone wish my cute boyfriend a happy birthday. :3