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alias: zwerg

pronomen: he/him, er/ihm

sprachen: en, de

standort: usa, leider

beruf: wissenschaft

God, am I lonely.
— Herbert Marcuse


zwerg 🎶 4 days ago

if God is all-powerful, could He create music so loud and shitty that even my upstairs neighbors wouldn't play it?

zwerg 💀 7 days ago

job searching while unemployed: the difference between being broke and living more comfortably than i ever have feels like sheer dumb luck.

zwerg ☕️ 9 days ago

i'm usually a snob with coffee but i love that 2-in-1 instant with creamer that comes in the little packets

zwerg 🤖 13 days ago

slow creeping realization that i've picked the wrong side in the vim/emacs fight

zwerg 💾 17 days ago

love programs that let novices in on the Promise of Open Source, like pass(wordstore), a parsimonious shell script i can read and understand

zwerg 💻 19 days ago

feels like nobody's a h4x0r these days, let alone a 1337 one

zwerg 📖 22 days ago

the secret to getting an expensive academic book for free is asking to review it, i guess. wish i'd discovered this sooner!

zwerg 📚 24 days ago

it would be nice to inherit a large sum of money so i could retreat to a small house in a distant town and work on my little projects

zwerg 😶 28 days ago

girding my loins to face the Job Market like Job facing God

zwerg 📺 31 days ago

troubling how much 🏈 advertising is for phone gambling. feels almost cartoonishly predatory.

zwerg 🔥 35 days ago

officially a NEET for the first time in my life. whether i have the unemployed warrior's temperament remains to be seen.

zwerg 🍫 39 days ago

my CVS has a bunch of leftover bags of christmas m&ms on super clearance, so I've been feasting like a king

zwerg ❄️ 41 days ago

thinking about Soup Season, and what it means for me