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Hey im zoxie fluorette "udongein" pugsington but call me zoxie. i'm very tired probably all the time and i really like yume nikki/fangames, pugs and probably other stuff


zoxie 🌧️ 2 days ago


zoxie 🥳 4 days ago

Excited for artfight!!!

zoxie ✨ 5 days ago

redoing my index hehe........

zoxie 💀 6 days ago

stomach cramps are absolutely destroying me

zoxie 🎨 9 days ago

Explored my lps box from when I was like 6-10 and WOW it's soo nostalgic.. sooo many pretty lps I didn't even know I had!!!

zoxie ☕ 10 days ago

a dessert with coffee is the best thing ever i think :p

zoxie 🌧️ 10 days ago

Today has been so mixed eughh

zoxie ✨ 13 days ago

i finally got webamp to work!!!

zoxie 😴 13 days ago

so tired eugh -_-

zoxie 💾 14 days ago

getting the energy to ( hopefully ) start making major updates to my site :p

zoxie 🤒 14 days ago

feeling sick