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Hello darlings
My name is Velvet and I am a seraphim walking this wild Earth due to some misunderstandings between me and God (don't ask), but despite being in a precarious situation, I'm determined to make the most out of it


velvet_lounge ❄️ 43 days ago

Phase one of update released! Good to be back!

velvet_lounge 🔥 53 days ago

I'm alive, I finally remembered the password! I've also redoing the site layout, stay tuned for more!

velvet_lounge ❤️ 96 days ago

Complete burnout, expect to be away from site for a while

velvet_lounge ✨ 102 days ago

Lots of major updates these past few days, sorry if I keep spamming your neocities feed lmaoo

velvet_lounge ❤️ 103 days ago

Been changing a few things around, stay tuned for more updates

velvet_lounge 🥳 110 days ago

Been on a roll even while I'm sick WOO

velvet_lounge 🤒 112 days ago

My mental energy is so drained I had to scrap some of my plans for my site. A bit disappointed.

velvet_lounge ❄️ 114 days ago

happy chrmisis I know its late I just got home oo

velvet_lounge 🌈 118 days ago

I've been doing a lot of pixel art teehee

velvet_lounge 😭 125 days ago

Why is a scout ai cover of Life is A Highway one of the best things I have heard? It's crazy

velvet_lounge 🙂 134 days ago

I started to bleach my hair bc why not

velvet_lounge 🌧️ 137 days ago

My head keeps telling me everyone thinks I'm annoying, send help

velvet_lounge 🔥 138 days ago

It's kinda unbelievable how much I was so wishy washy with my data. Thank the Lord I finally got around to cleaning up my old accounts.

velvet_lounge 💔 142 days ago

wow idk why im hurt about a riendship that ended a year ago but wow it stings

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