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hi i'm tigstahh

find out more about me on my website


tigstahh 😭 2 days ago

why does every content creator have to be problematic in some way

tigstahh 🐙 7 days ago

they weren't kidding about the replayability of side order

tigstahh ⏳ 11 days ago

patiently waiting for EWOW 1B

tigstahh 😭 30 days ago

why do all the best ideas appear when i'm trying to sleep!!!

tigstahh 💀 32 days ago

i am in so much pain right now

tigstahh 🎶 38 days ago

Ooh, live the dream in a time machine You've been waiting forever

tigstahh 🧐 41 days ago

I long for answers to a daunting question, yet I fear asking not for the contents of the question, but for the consequences of the response.

tigstahh 🤔 49 days ago

the urge to redesign my website, but the design it has is already good

tigstahh 🤔 49 days ago

the urge to redesign my website, but the design is has is already good

tigstahh 🌧️ 55 days ago

starting over is harder than starting up

tigstahh 😶 56 days ago

after every holiday comes the feeling of emptiness

tigstahh 😎 70 days ago

On Holiday for Christmas and New Years

tigstahh 🎶 72 days ago

"I'm going down this road feeling bad, and I ain't gonna be treated this a-way"

tigstahh 🥱 73 days ago

these nights where no one does anything is boring as hell

tigstahh 😯 81 days ago

Mfw I show up exactly on time to an appointment and find out there's still people in front of me

tigstahh 😶 81 days ago

Watching the same thing happen over and over again and expecting different results truly is insanity

tigstahh 🎮 88 days ago

At first I didn't like it, but I'm really coming around to the new Fortnite season!

tigstahh 🥹 95 days ago

Finally done with high school, ready to move on to better things

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