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Aizer • 1997 • They/Them • from Italy


theglittersalamango 🤒 1 day ago

pain, monthly pain hurt why am i born in this stupid body TnT

theglittersalamango ❄️ 3 days ago

pissed, leave me alone you're all liars full of venom always ready to bite at the minimum chance, i trust no one you're all fake i'm tired

theglittersalamango ❄️ 14 days ago

it's snowing but barely noticeable almost rain and probably won't stick too hot, 2nd time this year yay

theglittersalamango 🥳 14 days ago

today news are very positive let's hope for a better safer future, the justice and good people will always win! very happy italian today ☺️

theglittersalamango 🎶 15 days ago

rewatching again b.a.p old videos and concerts 🐰💚 hope to see them 5 together again a day 🥺 for now still supporting them solo :'3

theglittersalamango 🍫 16 days ago

damn those mini cremini are so good, need to eat another cremino now, why is chocolate so tempting i need to stop-

theglittersalamango 🥺 18 days ago

smiling like an idiot while looking at the screen, never felt happier by looking at a video as escapism, reality sucks i'm delusional TwT

theglittersalamango 💻 22 days ago

going to use gemini protocol for the first time! feels like landing on a new planet :) new web navigation adventures are coming :D

theglittersalamango 🥳 30 days ago

2 am so too late but happy 2023 new year everyone! hoping for an happier and positive future creating many new good memories this year 🎉✨

theglittersalamango ✨ 37 days ago

happy festivities ^^❤️ buone feste ^^❤️ feliz festividad ^^❤️ joyeux festivité ^^❤️

theglittersalamango 🥳 39 days ago

thank you viva piñata for lifting my mood again 🥰 now i want to trade 3rd type wildcard piñatas if just had xbox live...

theglittersalamango 🤔 40 days ago

wish i could switch my life with an happy and more interesting life, also hate being home alone during festivities

theglittersalamango 🙃 43 days ago

well another tumblr bot to add into the collection, in 3 days blocked like 20 of them not even notice them anymore i study them like ants

theglittersalamango 🌧️ 44 days ago

i hate being put into dramas I'm not part of especially if stupidly tiny, i hate family dramas the air is so tense heavy now for nothing

theglittersalamango 🤩 45 days ago

cutting own hair is so refreshing, feel happy having a short bob with fringe again, hair aren't straight at all but i don't care i feel free

theglittersalamango ❄️ 49 days ago

IT'S SNOWING!!! :D well it's mostly melted snow or ice water that will mix with smog of concrete but SNOW :D

theglittersalamango 🥰 51 days ago

today is 2 full weeks since returned to have normal sleep and waking up early, feeling well rested in peace and happiness now :)

theglittersalamango 🤒 59 days ago

this week brother had fever, now i have sore throat probably because he had sore throat, a lucky start december i guess...

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