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ramblings from a madman.

I am not responsible if you get mad or upset at what I post. Close your eyes.

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tabatinga 👀 2 days ago

Monster Hunter Tri has private servers and nobody told me.... ohohoho

tabatinga 💻 2 days ago

got arch linux running on the thinkpad baybee.... now to mess with hyprland eventually kek. I think this machine will end up fantastic.

tabatinga 👀 3 days ago

thinking about games to replay... maybe a Pokémon game would be pretty good.

tabatinga 💻 3 days ago

I am installing Gentoo Linux on a laptop and it's been compiling for the past three hours. aghhhhh

tabatinga 💀 8 days ago

Actualicé mi computadora y ahora la mayoría de mis aplicaciones ya no funcionan :') Te quiero mucho Arch Linux

tabatinga 🙂 9 days ago

I've calmed down a bit, but still overwhelmed... trying to get a special splash image done. x_x

tabatinga 🫖 9 days ago

For FUCK'S SAKE, have some fucking patience, I've got so much crap on my fucking mind. Stop fucking rushing me to do shit. VETE PA LA PINGA

tabatinga ✏️ 11 days ago

joder tengo un tremendo dolor de la cabeza

tabatinga 🙃 12 days ago

I have to keep in mind that I mustn't push myself so hard... agh.

tabatinga 💤 14 days ago

el cerebro es un músculo... me voy a mimir...

tabatinga 🙃 16 days ago

I did 37 pages in my sketchbook in just 3 weeks... holy shit. I need to slow the fuck down. No wonder why my brain feels like mush.

tabatinga 👀 16 days ago

I've been looking at Ace Attorney stuff recently... ah that game takes me back. It gave me questionable tastes in characters.

tabatinga 🫖 17 days ago

It's been a long time since I've had mate... ah, how I miss Argentina

tabatinga 🫖 17 days ago

Uploaded the widget, now to make a few adjustments here and there...