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stardustspirit 😡 18 days ago

this desk was not meant to be used by humans

stardustspirit ❤️ 116 days ago

"of mice & men - tether" might just be the most beautiful song i've ever heard

stardustspirit ⛵ 140 days ago

thinking about how many different parts of the world i discovered when i was younger but have completely forgotten about now.

stardustspirit 💻 142 days ago

kinda proud of my html work right now

stardustspirit 🌱 157 days ago

taking care of plants is so exhausting. i love doing it most of the time but my plants aren't doing well and i feel like giving up

stardustspirit 🎁 159 days ago

i got a bunch of bionicle parts from a friend today

stardustspirit 😶 179 days ago

i keep managing to trip on my headphone cables. something's going to break eventually

stardustspirit 🌧️ 194 days ago

music trouble again. why does my brain work like this

stardustspirit 🎶 202 days ago

i really need to make playlists for all my music

stardustspirit 🌧️ 208 days ago

i can't tell if the music i listen to is losing its effect or if i'm just not feeling great today

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