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stan 🥳 77 days ago

spring break trip soon, so excited!

stan 🌈 107 days ago

getting work done for once

stan 🥹 141 days ago

school started again head in hands

stan 🌈 160 days ago

finally starting to work on stuff again

stan 🌧️ 186 days ago

havent been working on my website at all... ive gotta get back on track!!

stan 🌈 218 days ago

finally getting work on my new homepage done :P

stan 🥱 222 days ago


stan 🌈 235 days ago

i havent felt this good in a long time :O

stan 🌈 243 days ago

been feeling good for the first time in a while :3

stan 💤 250 days ago


stan 💤 268 days ago

trying to rework my homepage

stan 💀 276 days ago

i have the worst headache

stan 🤒 277 days ago

i cant stop feelin anxious. idek what im anxious about man