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shibi 🌙 62 days ago

holding a big rock carefully watching my site doesn't revert again

shibi 🌙 118 days ago


shibi 🌙 120 days ago

Disregard, updated anyway.

shibi 🌙 232 days ago

i wanna play a really good walking sim so bad

shibi 🌙 305 days ago

I need to update a lot of links but don't have the motivation to do anything so everyone will just have to deal with it.

shibi 🌙 327 days ago


shibi 🌙 341 days ago

life is rough

shibi 🌙 357 days ago

Just gonna sit back and see if the imgur purge hits me, I can't be assed tbh

shibi 🌙 373 days ago

Link hunting as we speak >:3c

shibi 🌙 375 days ago

What the fuck is a sleep schedule.

shibi 🌙 394 days ago

*incoherent screaming*

shibi 🌙 430 days ago

My heart isn't in it...

shibi 🌙 430 days ago

Actually hopefully there's a sizable update today but I don't know. Maybe a small update.

shibi 🌙 430 days ago

i don't wanna update...

shibi 🌙 443 days ago

RIP C*okie's B*stle stamps (until whatever up with that trademark stops happening)

shibi 🌙 492 days ago

Sorry for no updates, updating isn't as easy as it used to be. Tried P*pa J*hns for the first time. It was very bad.

shibi 😎 509 days ago

New thingymabob!