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reddish 📰 337 days ago


reddish 🙃 350 days ago

hm, what day it is today

reddish 💻 351 days ago

javascript:(function()): Error, must have 1 wireless mouse for it to work.

reddish 🙂 354 days ago

can watering the cup upside down make sense?

reddish 😎 359 days ago

happy november month

reddish 🙂 365 days ago

programming interesting stuff is some good shit

reddish 🙂 367 days ago

do you remember

reddish 🙂 369 days ago

1 or 2 sides are good enough

reddish 🙂 369 days ago

what's new is something uninteresting

reddish 🥹 370 days ago

How's Life? Yes.

reddish 🙂 370 days ago

being too patient is the thing I can't handle

reddish 🙂 370 days ago

what makes the world upside down? Answer: true

reddish 📺 370 days ago

i'd like to say hello and welcome you, good day that is my name :)

reddish 😎 370 days ago

i'd like to post another status here

reddish 🙂 370 days ago

first status i made

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