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proxy 🎶 259 days ago

listen to's new album, black and white!

proxy 🤒 262 days ago

I'm sick :\

proxy 💔 265 days ago

life sucks rn

proxy 📺 281 days ago

watch linkclick i swear to god

proxy 🤒 287 days ago

I went to the hospital yesterday, but I am okay!! 😅

proxy 😵 302 days ago

i am so worn out!!

proxy 🎮 311 days ago

i wish i had more time to play video games atm

proxy 😔 320 days ago

life has been so busy...

proxy 🕸️ 344 days ago

ATSV was so. good.

proxy 💀 354 days ago

I wanted to try to do some coding but I'm feeling really stuck...

proxy 💞 360 days ago

we will be okay, especially because you're here!

proxy 🎶 361 days ago

FINALLY posted a blog post about the Waterparks concert I went to on my site! It's been WIP waaay too long!

proxy 🎂 375 days ago

yesterday was my birthday, and it was a good day :)

proxy 😞 382 days ago

i hate how rare creative energy is for me now a days...

proxy 💻 385 days ago

made some waterparks blinkies so there's something new while i finish up the blog about the concert

proxy 💤 390 days ago

Anaheim trip blog post taking longer than expected because I am SO tired!!! And that's okay

proxy 💻 392 days ago

starting writing a blog post for the anaheim trip... will be up on my site eventually, i prommy.

proxy 🏠 393 days ago

just got home from anaheim for the parx concert & homestuck cafe... i had SUCH a good time omg

proxy 🤩 398 days ago


proxy 😱 399 days ago

4 days til waterparks!

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