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Hi i'm pomelo ^_^

I like matcha tea, cute stationary and summertime


pom ✏️ 1 day ago

panda express orange chicken

pom 💀 6 days ago


pom 🍦 10 days ago

pomelo (nightcore remix)

pom 🍏 11 days ago

internal combustion fr tho

pom 🙂 15 days ago

i think i want to make premade status.cafe layouts for my premades page

pom 🎲 21 days ago

hypixel skyblock

pom ✨ 24 days ago

we are so back

pom 😯 25 days ago

ur body is just 3d printing your hair

pom 💔 27 days ago

woke up craving chicken tendies

pom 😱 30 days ago

blizzard gave me cataclysm beta access

pom 😡 31 days ago

woke up 2 early

pom 🙃 32 days ago

2 busy writing neopets scripts to update website

pom 🍙 33 days ago

so true twin

pom 🤐 36 days ago

i learned oat milk is full of seed oils and it gave me the ick

pom 🐶 42 days ago


pom ✨ 43 days ago

400 nc followers lets goooo

pom ✨ 52 days ago

revamping my pixel site layout!

pom 🌮 56 days ago


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