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www dot nope dot nope forward slash nope.
I'm a person.
That's all I'd like to say.


nowhereandhere 🥰 42 days ago

Even though I feel like crap, I still have my boys. *takes refuge in them*

nowhereandhere 😭 45 days ago

@evenstar I know what you mean about masks. At least I think I do. *hides behind* But I still love keeping in touch with your blog. ;__;

nowhereandhere 🍕 57 days ago

Don't care if McD's is called "trash food" or whatever, their caramel sundae thing is so good, I could cry...and I will. *noms!*

nowhereandhere 🥳 65 days ago

Left Twitter, joined a Mastodon instance, good times. Beep boop. *dance*

nowhereandhere ❤️ 71 days ago

Just remembering my dad today. Hoping he's doing well. Missing you.