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nineret 🎶 91 days ago

do u like my new layout on my site? :3

nineret 💤 93 days ago

an another day has been passed...

nineret 💤 94 days ago

tomorrow i'll update my website button :3

nineret 🎶 95 days ago

updated my site :3

nineret 🎶 102 days ago

u-u-uma uma

nineret 🎶 107 days ago

i have the mind of child

nineret 🙂 119 days ago

i am back.

nineret 🤔 169 days ago

my website state kind chaos now 0.o

nineret 🙂 171 days ago

wtf someone try DDOS my site xD, lol 1 million hit gained.

nineret 💾 173 days ago

Finally, I just finished my new layout on website!!! :3

nineret 🎶 176 days ago

buzz buzz up and down mikey come to town from the USA lost in japan

nineret 🙂 177 days ago

today father come to my house (he didn't bought the milk)

nineret 😭 178 days ago

help, i did distrohopping again.

nineret 💤 180 days ago

Times was going so fast.. it's was 2 years already!!?

nineret 😭 180 days ago

Wow.. 5000 already hit, now... I link my website on every social portal I have.

nineret 🙃 181 days ago

an attempt to rice my website.

nineret 🌙 181 days ago

Just updated website button.

nineret 🤖 181 days ago

Youtube/Neocitites api should work on my website now. ^w^

nineret 🥱 182 days ago

2000 hit already, wow....

nineret 🙂 182 days ago

just setting up my webste