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neoaki 🎮 21 hours ago

today, i beat fear and hunger 2: termina! marina is my favorite.

neoaki 🎶 2 days ago

happy first day of christmas, everybody!

neoaki 💀 2 days ago

lately, things are getting harder.

neoaki ❄️ 4 days ago

it's cold and dark outside, makes me feel tired and gloomy.

neoaki 👽 6 days ago

i love reading manga.

neoaki 🌱 9 days ago

ate a delicious meal and read dungeon meshi, happy happy.

neoaki 😇 12 days ago

these past few days have been good. i'm happy.

neoaki 🌧️ 13 days ago

spent the day painting and sunbathing. now it is cold, i don't like that.

neoaki ☀️ 15 days ago

the weather is warm today! it's nice outside.