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yo it's the little guy that lives in a blue world
don't mind that the CSS here looks broken, that's because I broke it by doing keysmashes!!!!!
pls visit my website thx


m4yh3m 🥳 159 days ago

I get to drive the car today cuz it's my birthday

m4yh3m 🥳 168 days ago

i am free

m4yh3m ✏️ 169 days ago

I just want this semester to end already aaaa

m4yh3m 🎮 176 days ago

finally got the balls to mod my 3ds

m4yh3m 🌧️ 186 days ago


m4yh3m 🥳 191 days ago

happy birthday ibara saegusa you are the biggest idiot and i love you so much you are a big scumbag my favorite girlboss to the blender u go

m4yh3m 🔥 199 days ago

oi esse aqui é meu post em portugues: TA UM CALOR DA PORRA

m4yh3m 💀 205 days ago


m4yh3m 🥱 209 days ago

autistic burnout so real

m4yh3m 🎲 214 days ago

I think the phantom of the opera is my biggest hyperfixation of this year

m4yh3m ❄️ 227 days ago

current hair color is: aurora borealis (yes, at this time of the year, at this time of the day, localized entirely within my hair.)

m4yh3m 🌧️ 232 days ago

having a hard time

m4yh3m 💀 235 days ago


m4yh3m 🎨 242 days ago

cosplaying is exhausting but worth it

m4yh3m 🎶 247 days ago

currently hyperfixating on the phantom of the opera

m4yh3m 😎 262 days ago

throwback to when i was in high school and brought a hammer to class as a joke because i told this guy i would "break his teeth"

m4yh3m ✏️ 265 days ago

group projects kinda suck ngl

m4yh3m 🎶 266 days ago

its miku's birthday today! miku miku ni shite ageru

m4yh3m ✨ 269 days ago

i want to be the evil mad scientist who lives in an evil lair

m4yh3m ✨ 279 days ago

when the autism

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