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key404 😭 286 days ago

the na data centers r dying and xiv is literally unplayable for me rn.... at&t why

key404 🌈 287 days ago

i modded strive today and put ram and bridget in cute outfits. peace and love on the planet earth <3

key404 ✨ 291 days ago

dooooone with hiiiiighschooooool

key404 😎 303 days ago

landed a preeetty nice role in a local production. thank god rehearsals don't start til the end of the month tho

key404 😴 304 days ago

last show tomorrow followed by callbacks!

key404 💤 307 days ago

hrg i wish to talk about my wol (but i have to be up at. 6am tomorrow.)

key404 💀 309 days ago

i was supposed to record an audition video today but people i didn't expect to be home are Home and now i can't use the space i needed orz

key404 💤 310 days ago

being assistant stage manager is gonna be tiring

key404 ❤️ 319 days ago


key404 🤔 322 days ago

commissioning a random limsa artist,,,,, i love giving artists my money,,,,,,,,

key404 ❤️ 324 days ago

got jack-o and bedman? today!! i'm getting the hand of jack-o pretty quickly but bedman? makes my wrist hurt lol

key404 💀 331 days ago

xiv is under maintenance and i really wanted to level my gunbreaker today

key404 🌈 337 days ago

manga in the mail today :)

key404 🥰 345 days ago

i love sometimes having money i can use it to commission fellow artists!!!!!!!!!!!! and buy video games!!!!!!!!!!

key404 🙂 351 days ago

guilty gear strive is fun

key404 😶 352 days ago

my hair is tooooo long now...........

key404 🥳 359 days ago


key404 ❤️ 360 days ago

and that concludes performance days! i'll make a blog post soon about my thoughts and next steps!

key404 ✨ 360 days ago

Final show today! let's hope it's a good crowd!

key404 💤 363 days ago

finished the long performance days, smooth sailing from now on!

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