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kendrickwsss 🙂 230 days ago

oh yeaa horribly depressed wooo yeaaaa

kendrickwsss 👀 237 days ago


kendrickwsss 🤔 237 days ago

seriously considering making pagez for my ocz on my neocitiez despite the fact i have a toyhouse

kendrickwsss 🥳 238 days ago

i got a monokuma plushie! :3

kendrickwsss 👽 251 days ago

perhapz.. ill code more this weekend.. Perhapz......

kendrickwsss 🐶 265 days ago

i miss making furry art.. learning how to draw humanz was both a good thing and a bad thing

kendrickwsss 🙃 275 days ago

これは本当に信じないよ。 一体どうしちゃったの?

kendrickwsss 😭 277 days ago

俺の日本語は大変悪いでも日本語のウエブページを作りたいよ どうして!

kendrickwsss 🌈 278 days ago

need more msi albumz.. for my collection.... NEED MOOOOORE

kendrickwsss 🤔 284 days ago

how could i possibly make my website look more "2000s" while keeping the lbp aesthetic...?

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