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my dog's name is ibarra. he likes licking the floor.


keet ✏️ 637 days ago

looking forward to typing up my draft and seeing the actual word count~

keet 🔥 637 days ago

i finished a draft of something~ a fancy dessert is in order!

keet 😴 638 days ago

good thing i have no meetings tomorrow. still super wide awake!

keet 🌈 639 days ago

sewed for a long time today. it's so sewthing honk honk honk

keet ✏️ 644 days ago

gonna try my very best to stay offline tomorrow. i have a deadline!

keet 💀 645 days ago

my eyes want 2 nap but my brain won't let me!

keet ✨ 646 days ago

i want to try making tomato confit. i saw a picture and YOM

keet 🐶 648 days ago

jenkins the french bulldog is so adorbs!

keet 🌧️ 649 days ago

grey skies threatening rain. i used to like this kind of weather, but it does bear down.

keet 😎 650 days ago

basically went website-hopping. i definitely missed it.

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