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kdx 🥱 379 days ago

people doing a bunch of noise upstairs, my sleep schedule is nonexistent and cursed at the same time

kdx 📺 380 days ago


kdx 🤔 380 days ago


kdx 🥗 380 days ago

going out to eat

kdx 👀 381 days ago

ok maybe i should at least TRY to sleep

kdx 🎮 381 days ago

playing to runeterra

kdx 😴 381 days ago

feeling very tired

kdx 💀 381 days ago

i gotta clean my studio flat

kdx 🙂 381 days ago

watched the first three episodes of Joe Pera Talks with You, this show feels very special

kdx 😶 381 days ago

can't sleep properly for the third day in a row, that sucks

kdx 💻 381 days ago

working on a game

kdx 📺 381 days ago

watching random crap on the internet

kdx 🤔 382 days ago

i don't know what to do

kdx 🙂 382 days ago

doing stuff i care about, feeling good honestly

kdx 🍞 382 days ago

bread, a lot of bread

kdx 😶 382 days ago

trying to find food, feeling hungryyy

kdx 💤 382 days ago

too lazy to sleep

kdx 🙂 382 days ago

went on the terrace to work on a game at 3am; it was cold and quiet, very peaceful

kdx 🌙 382 days ago


kdx 🍕 383 days ago

eating fast

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