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i ♡ my wife (izaya orihara)
This Is How I Disappear — My Chemical Romance


izaya ❤️ 592 days ago

when i go to japan to see mcr two more times who will stop me

izaya 🙃 596 days ago

girl help the breathing problems are hitting so hard today

izaya 🌮 598 days ago

i had birria tacos today i feel reborn

izaya 🔥 600 days ago


izaya 🥳 602 days ago

cleaning my room...!

izaya 💻 602 days ago

im editing new mmd models 🙂🙂

izaya 🥳 603 days ago

started watching toaru majutsu no index! ive been playing IF since drrr collab & i was interested in the anime after seeing kaori^_^

izaya 🔥 603 days ago

eating chicken and dumplings 💯

izaya 💔 603 days ago

listening to shizuo and izaya's character songs... don't hmu

izaya 🤩 604 days ago

happy october!! halloween is so soon, which means christmas next...!

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