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just a place where I can vent/send my happenings into the void


internet_user 🎶 2 days ago

the music in White Land 1 is soo catchy!! (love F-Zero 99)

internet_user 💔 8 days ago

ok I'm gonna have to upgrade my semi-hiatus to an actual hiatus.. sorry my Spacehey friends x_x

internet_user 😭 13 days ago

I know this is all I've been talking about but I swear I'm going to have a mental breakdown from all these assignments.. I can't keep up.

internet_user 🎮 21 days ago

been procrastinating so much. feeling so overwhelmed

internet_user 📚 23 days ago

can't believe it's 2 weeks into the semester already

internet_user 😴 28 days ago

so stressed with homework.. it's just a never-ending list