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thanks for visiting my statuscafe!


hatsu 🥰 7 days ago

totally in love with dithering images help

hatsu ✨ 14 days ago

changing layouts is cool but i am never satisfied so we will see how this layout will last.

hatsu 😴 16 days ago

my god i am stuffed

hatsu 🙃 22 days ago

waiting for thanksgiving break is like taking forever when will it come TT

hatsu 💀 30 days ago

after AOT ended i cry listening to call of silence

hatsu 😇 34 days ago

taking a break from all this coding, now it is time to relax PHEW!

hatsu ✨ 41 days ago

finished my website! finally!!

hatsu ❤️ 44 days ago

this is another testing but longer.

hatsu 🙂 46 days ago