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glttrgutz 🌈 230 days ago

bravest man alive (called nintendo customer service)

glttrgutz 🌈 230 days ago

mr. nintendo can i change the email on my nintendo id. please

glttrgutz 🌈 232 days ago

trying to change the song on my homepage but it won't stop linking to hum hallelujah......

glttrgutz 🌈 246 days ago

the end of march is gonna be insane

glttrgutz 🌈 248 days ago

in no way prepared for the triple whammy of exams + audition + new fall out boy song tomorrow

glttrgutz 🌈 248 days ago

i don't think im finishing any video game-related things on my diary to do list... sad!

glttrgutz 🌈 251 days ago

yes the song of the week has been hum hallelujah for like two months. what can i say its a good song

glttrgutz 🌈 258 days ago

the owner of this site is on fall out boy lockdown until wednesday . sorry

glttrgutz 🌈 272 days ago

today i'm being brave (asking my mom for her credit card so i can buy a zine)

glttrgutz 🌈 273 days ago

trying to make a yusuke kitagawa themed tumblr because he's so <3

glttrgutz 🌈 274 days ago

it seems catbox is a bit slow today, apologies if images && fonts don't load !

glttrgutz 🌈 295 days ago

hii did you know i'm so normal about fall out boy ^__^

glttrgutz 🌈 304 days ago

category 4 autism moment (fall out boy being cryptic)

glttrgutz 🌈 311 days ago

guy who is currently the modern day replica of a sickly victorian boy tries to add webrings 7 injured

glttrgutz 🌈 311 days ago

my mom thinks i might have rsv because she had it last week x_x guess we gotta see

glttrgutz 🌈 313 days ago

i think i have another cold >:( i hate cold weather

glttrgutz 🌈 313 days ago

tried to clean my room a bit :3 my bedsheet isn't falling off anymore

glttrgutz 🌈 315 days ago

i haven't talked to my friends on discord in a while :(

glttrgutz 🌈 317 days ago

ap class essay was surprisingly easy (i think i failed)

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