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futureperfect 🎶 686 days ago

It’s a cheap world and you don’t exist.

futureperfect 🥃 688 days ago

Finally scored a bottle of Blanton’s today!

futureperfect 💀 688 days ago

Sitting at the office without any headphones because I forgot them at home this morning. This is brutal.

futureperfect 🌧️ 690 days ago

You can't have "hello" without Hell in the beginning.

futureperfect 😎 692 days ago

Just in case anyone forgot… it’s Fred Durst Friday!

futureperfect 👽 692 days ago

It’s like fingernails go from acceptable to holy shit I need these clipped NOW, overnight.

futureperfect 🥱 695 days ago

My lunch would be paid for if I had a quarter for every yawn I let out so far today.

futureperfect 🥃 699 days ago

Weller green and another bottle of Buffalo Trace secured yesterday. Cheers!

futureperfect 😶 703 days ago

Take a man's worries away and he will begin to, funnily enough, worry that something's wrong because they are gone. Such is life.

futureperfect 🙂 705 days ago

A nice, long, warm bath to end the day. I don't do them often, but I love it immensely when I do.

futureperfect 🔥 705 days ago

Need to mow the lawn and tidy up the yard work today. I’d rather hunt for early sighting Halloween stuff in stores.

futureperfect 🎶 707 days ago

I come back to Primus at least once every two months.

futureperfect 🎶 711 days ago

New music released! Time for a drink on this beautiful afternoon.

futureperfect 😴 714 days ago

My head is in a weird place today. Absolutely drained and need some relaxation time.

futureperfect 🍺 717 days ago

Cheers, Uncle Sam. You aren't perfect, but you're pretty damn good!

futureperfect 😶 720 days ago

Building entire websites in my head only to never have the time to actually do it.

futureperfect 👀 725 days ago

If I had eyes in the back of my head, I’d probably be a much bigger fan of running. Backwards running is superior in all ways . #hamstrings

futureperfect 😡 727 days ago

Let’s get one thing straight. This most certainly isn’t the land of the free. Never has been. Happy Friday.

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