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i'm flicker and i'm inside your computer. hello there! ^_^


flickerflicker 🌙 163 days ago

noah is gonna help me dye my hair silver again :-) third times the charm ..!

flickerflicker 🎶 164 days ago

simultaneously lazy and motivated is that even possible. feeling funky in the good way :-)

flickerflicker 📺 166 days ago

"in another life i would have really liked just doing laundry and taxes with you" crying and throwing up (positive)

flickerflicker ❄️ 167 days ago

aah i thought christmas was on monday but its actually tomorrow @_@ ... happy holidays everyone!

flickerflicker ❄️ 168 days ago

winter break has begun ^_^ ! on a different note, i should put up those led lights, the overhead ones are loud and look dreary ...

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