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♡ Hi there! I'm Elodie ♡

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self-confessed netizen; bimbo; femcel; and puppygirl at your service! I'm a 24-year-old walking disaster trying to make it to the next day. My hobbies and interests include gaming; collecting; anime; and art.

eclectic christian witch
beginner artist
advocate of body positivity; the lgbtq+ community; feminism, and mental health

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ella_loves_you ✈️ 9 days ago

my flight leaves tomorrow, so excited

ella_loves_you 🙃 18 days ago

cannot believe you'd throw years of friendship away over a situation you also played a part in... ppl are so temporary

ella_loves_you 🥱 23 days ago

how r u gonna b mad that u have no "good friends" and block the few friends you do have without reason? yeah, ur the problem!

ella_loves_you 🥺 23 days ago

been feeling rlly gross nd bad ab my body lately

ella_loves_you ❤️ 24 days ago

i genuinely love my friends so so so much

ella_loves_you ❤️ 28 days ago

happy 8 months, konijn ( ´ ∀ `)ノ~ ♡

ella_loves_you 🤩 36 days ago

booked my flight today!!! see u soon baby

ella_loves_you ❤️ 38 days ago

sooooo glad my server is finally active again! feels so good to be surrounded by friends again. old and new!

ella_loves_you 😛 39 days ago

entering my dps morira era for this seasons meta

ella_loves_you 🥱 45 days ago

sleep schedule is ruined...again...lol