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devilinmexico 💤 72 days ago

not enough time in the day for all my activities......sunday already I made kimchi fried rice

devilinmexico 💔 72 days ago

dont want to do hw i want to play and draw

devilinmexico 🍔 73 days ago

caught up on dungeon meshi anime yayyyyy

devilinmexico ✏️ 74 days ago

Submitted app for tattoo booking I shouldn’t be getting but I want it

devilinmexico ✅ 74 days ago

Coated in extra strength tiger balm tgif

devilinmexico 📺 75 days ago

Look up Prince’s sick ass guitar solo from the 2004 rock n roll all of fame performance of While My Guitar Gently Weeps

devilinmexico 🫖 75 days ago

Drinking decaffeinated tea in the mornings for the ritual of it more than anything

devilinmexico 🥺 75 days ago

I love gerard way bc they showed the world even a fat boy like me can be emo

devilinmexico 🔥 76 days ago

My chilshi fanfic is 4.5k words girl that’s little over 11 pages ROAD TO 10K 🔥🔥🔥

devilinmexico 📱 76 days ago

Chilchuck at the dwarven gay bar what will he do

devilinmexico 🎶 76 days ago

Siouxsie and the Banshees discography deep dive today

devilinmexico 💔 76 days ago

I been slackin on going to the gym but I feel like I wont finish hw if I go :( and if I barely have time for hw that means no neocities time

devilinmexico 🎶 77 days ago

Listening to Kate Bush isn’t enough I need to get freaky with L’Amour Looks Something Like You

devilinmexico 🥱 77 days ago

Got to work 2 hours late time to write fanfiction on the clock

devilinmexico 😴 77 days ago

I love making shitty web pages next one will be the dungeon meshi page gn

devilinmexico ❤️ 78 days ago

What if it was called freakystein and he ate the monster’s ass

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