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Programmer, Graphic Designer & your local RPG addict


dess 🎲 21 days ago

I don't know what to do :3

dess ✨ 22 days ago

Feeling lazy today, drank 2 mugs of coffee so far.

dess 💾 22 days ago

Aight now I'm actually working on my website

dess 💻 22 days ago

Switching between working on my website and playing TF2 (because yes sir)

dess ✨ 23 days ago


dess 💾 23 days ago

Listening to music & coding

dess 💤 23 days ago

Holy shit, it's finally Friday.

dess 💾 24 days ago

Came back from school, working on my website again.

dess ☕️ 25 days ago

Just vibing atm. Might work on my website here and there.

dess 💻 25 days ago

Studying for a presentation I have tomorrow (I'm being held hostage by a friend)

dess 💾 26 days ago

Working on my website 4 a bit, since I don't have anything else worth doing rn