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clowdywings ✨ 28 days ago

i don't start my work onboarding for 2 weeks. upside: BREAK!!! LETS GO! downside: don't get money :/

clowdywings 📚 29 days ago

exhausted... i don't really get a break either i work as soon as i finish up my finals. fml

clowdywings 🌧️ 30 days ago

only one exam/project left.... having barely anything left to do is so bizarre

clowdywings 💀 34 days ago

my stupid computer is running so slow.... the fan is on, the computer is hot to the touch... stg this thing is dying

clowdywings 💔 36 days ago

why does tomato basil soup taste awful and plain and boring... i need a grilled cheese rn

clowdywings 😶 36 days ago

ppl when other ppl have opinions: ?!?! stfu that's fake

clowdywings 😴 38 days ago

sleepy but got hw.......... smh

clowdywings ✨ 42 days ago

so ready for may. yall dont even know

clowdywings ✏️ 44 days ago

doing multi-colored relief prints in my printmaking class... studying ukiyo-e prints for inspo

clowdywings 📰 45 days ago

no one: ... me, doing anything BUT editing my essay: :D

clowdywings 🔥 46 days ago

a candle i've had for 2 years finally stopped burning... i have the replacement it's just surprising lol

clowdywings 🔥 47 days ago

RAHHHH just finalized my diary website LETS GOOOOOO

clowdywings 😎 47 days ago

so hyped about this update to my website

clowdywings 📰 48 days ago

i have 2 job interviews today wish me luck

clowdywings 🔥 56 days ago


clowdywings 😎 59 days ago

applied to a shit ton of scholarships, got my registration all ready for next semester. might go to sleep soon idk

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