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candle 💀 130 days ago

about to binge watch the fast and furious movies with my friends (very important to them)

candle 🌧️ 130 days ago


candle 📺 131 days ago

i should watch bebop again. 5 or 6 times wasn't enough...

candle 💤 132 days ago

i'm so tired

candle 🎶 132 days ago

gonna write up another album review i think

candle 😎 132 days ago

shrine is coming along very nicely

candle ☀️ 133 days ago

hoping to work on that shrine i've been putting off

candle 💤 133 days ago

why am i surfing the web at 5am? good night lol

candle 💻 133 days ago

browsin th web

candle 🌧️ 134 days ago

i wish i had enough money for an art museum or that art museums were closer to me

candle 💤 135 days ago

taking a break

candle 💾 136 days ago

planning on doing some site renovation today idk how but it's overdue

candle 😭 136 days ago

my check engine light is on noooooo i need you to do my job

candle 🌙 137 days ago

taking it easy today

candle 💻 138 days ago

i'm a weezer fan now that i've learned they just make music for sad people

candle ✏️ 138 days ago

feeling melancholic as of late

candle 🥱 138 days ago

was going to change my website’s theme but…so insanely tired…

candle 🥱 139 days ago

full of ideas for the shrine and the cassette thing but not sure how to implement any of them yet

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