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We're living in a Death Machine.


b-52 💀 99 days ago

Finally customized my profile. Somewhat.

b-52 🎮 102 days ago

Lara Croft, save me. Save me, Lara Croft.

b-52 🍞 117 days ago

No matter how many times I've washed my hands since then, I can still smell butter chicken on them. Save me.

b-52 💤 145 days ago

The more I stare at the word "resources," the more fake it seems.

b-52 🙂 158 days ago

I want to make some shrines! But, like, what is a shrine? Can you eat one?

b-52 🙃 163 days ago

If I don't finish my About soon, I will go insane.

b-52 🎶 329 days ago

Drum and Bass... thank you for being there for me in these tumultuous times (site code still shit).