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aoi. 1998. virgo.
more on my carrd.


aoi 🌙 18 hours ago

you got this. move on. do not worry. though the accountability hurts, it is what it is. you will be fine.

aoi 😇 4 days ago

new layout for my statuscafe!!

aoi 😭 9 days ago rat..

aoi 💀 20 days ago

coding hurts

aoi 🌧️ 46 days ago

rainy day. good day to be lazy.

aoi 😡 59 days ago

supervisor really do be pissing me off

aoi 😱 70 days ago

almost 50k views?!

aoi 🙃 75 days ago

i don't want to go to work...

aoi 💔 84 days ago

might not show up here for awhile...

aoi 💀 86 days ago


aoi ❤️ 91 days ago

holiday weekend you know what that means, press on nails!!

aoi 😶 92 days ago

mmhhmm i feel like im annoying people

aoi 🥺 95 days ago

cried all day so tired

aoi 💻 98 days ago

spent almost 4 hrs coding new layouts for my pages

aoi 🥺 99 days ago

my shrine page is so dull lmaaooo

aoi ❤️ 102 days ago

war is over <33

aoi ✨ 105 days ago

good morning. im watching smii7y vods

aoi 🥳 105 days ago

finally its friday

aoi 🙃 106 days ago

finished not hotlinking buttons, now my hands hurt lmao

aoi 💀 106 days ago

wow work really killed me

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