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antiamorous 👽 168 days ago

Music Of The Now change when??

antiamorous ❄️ 168 days ago

reminder for myself to change weekly image when i get home

antiamorous 😭 173 days ago

i can't come up with a proper layout for my oc profiles. i hope i die

antiamorous 😭 175 days ago

spent an hour on an mspaint painting and i accidentally saved it as a gif and now the whole canvas is dithered (RUINED) and i cant go back.

antiamorous 🥱 176 days ago

sometimes i get anxious n insecure about how image heavy my site is but then i remember IDGAF,, lets continue with the images.

antiamorous 🥳 177 days ago

rewatching severance yass

antiamorous 🙃 183 days ago

i was going to make an OC page today but i ended up redesign OCs instead.

antiamorous 🥺 189 days ago

heavens bring me my shirt

antiamorous 🥳 193 days ago

every friday feels like a heavenly reward because a new bicycle boy page comes out

antiamorous 😱 197 days ago

i have a canker sore,, EEKKK!!! AAHHH!!!

antiamorous 😴 200 days ago

im about to pass out. im so sleepy

antiamorous 🙂 203 days ago

Havent taken my meds in a while and now i face the consequences. IM SO SLEEPY AND DRY AND THIRSTY

antiamorous 😛 207 days ago

Obsessed with bicycle boy again ^.^

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