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Hi, I am Ame and I love cats! 🐈 I have way too many cats and more fur on my clothes than it's accepted by normal society.

I also enjoy sweets, home organising and different types of media (anime, video games, movie, books).

Check out my website:


amecats 🙂 228 days ago

In my campus they have this little cute wild monkey (it's called marmoset), I should take a picture when I see one again to put on my site

amecats 🥰 232 days ago

Having a partner pikachu on pokemon mystery dungeon gba is the cutest thing ever

amecats 🥺 236 days ago

Making a page's layout is more fun than creating actual content

amecats 😡 238 days ago

I hate people who can't live in society, playing loud music at 3 am is not accepted 凸ಠ益ಠ)凸

amecats ☀️ 238 days ago

87.8F today, I feel so energized by the sun (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و

amecats 🐱 240 days ago

I've watched Suzume and I loved Daijin (and Sadaijin) even though they look more like squirrels than cats

amecats 💔 241 days ago

Re listening to the Evillious Chronicles series and I still think that Eve was wronged in this whole story ;-;

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