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marzka 🤔 330 days ago

thinking about maybe coding a cute self-hosted minimalistic no-js blog platform where you can write blogposts and accept webmention comments

marzka 🚄 330 days ago

@sprinkles trains are the best!!! maybe i need a page for my favourite train classes on my site 🤔

marzka 🥳 331 days ago

about to watch the last two episodes of owl house! on one hand i can't wait but on the other i don't want it to eeeend t_t

marzka 🥰 331 days ago

i like the idea of a belly fool :) just a lil dude with a big belly, just a sweet big-bellied friend

marzka 🍕 331 days ago

eaten fool pizza belly stuffed :D

marzka 🍕 331 days ago

pizza eaten, belly full

marzka 😴 331 days ago

just spent an hour trying to figure why nginx cache was so broken and turns out it was cloudflare the whole time aaaa

marzka 🐶 331 days ago

oops changed my mind again, think i'll use smth external for journal. i just love manually crafting my regular pages too much

marzka 💀 331 days ago

managed to make a django port of my whole static site in one day (proud) but now i have to migrate all my pages onto it (scary)

marzka 🤖 333 days ago

need to figure out how i want to implement journal entries on my site..

marzka ☕ 334 days ago

feeling good and website redesign is finished :))

marzka 🌱 334 days ago

lion's mane is literally a god-send i wish i'd known about this earlier

marzka 🥰 509 days ago

planning to cook lentil soup later, life's alright yk

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