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web dev witch



marzka 209 days ago

ciare le cíntrim me radóthim pisothím; sahe mai dín thagith iare diaha arfa

marzka 😌 211 days ago

hréðan wyrtblót is gedón

marzka 🐦 212 days ago

oh yeah managed to finally delete my acct on the bird website, inb4 my mental health just goes up by like 10% djfh

marzka 💾 219 days ago

readying myself for path of exile tomorrow

marzka 🥰 220 days ago

@dozens owoahhh i love itttt, im gonna link it on my tenpo ko page if that's ok ? :D

marzka ❤️ 222 days ago

wife got a account oh yeah its spreading

marzka 🐶 222 days ago

wrote a custom script to get my status on my page without blocking page load ohyeah now when will i stop procrastinagintg on work jdskhl

marzka 🔥 225 days ago

so hot out but feelin pretty good

marzka 🧋 226 days ago

officially a convert, jekyll is life changing wow

marzka 🌧️ 230 days ago

enraptured by the sweet storm of self-actualisation

marzka 🤖 231 days ago

oops only realised like a few days late an entire section of my site was erroring sfdkjkh

marzka 🥳 235 days ago

not touched my site in like a week and i have the impulsive brain disease so it's css rejig time woo

marzka 😴 243 days ago

long day leg tired

marzka 🌳 244 days ago

just found out about the word 木漏れ日 🥰

marzka 🔥 249 days ago

was such a hot night, i barely slept

marzka 🐶 249 days ago

happy n lazy like a dog rn

marzka 📚 250 days ago

seeing people post japanese statuses on here has been reaaaally making me want to try learning japanese again should i do it t_t

marzka 🥳 251 days ago

got sunburnt today but was worth it for coming back to see my emoji picker idea got put into action 🥰🥰

marzka 😭 253 days ago

posted my thoughts about the emoji picker on the forum. otherwise done nothing today. just feeling kinda low.

marzka 🤔 253 days ago

thinking about maybe coding a cute self-hosted minimalistic no-js blog platform where you can write blogposts and accept webmention comments

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